Thursday, January 16, 2014

A bread a week

Since we moved to Michigan, I've been baking bread.

Baking bread in jammies with Finley (when he was a baby).
Not making it a few times, but making it every single week. I've skipped here and there, but for the most part, it's been consistent.

In Korea, I couldn't find good yogurt in a large enough size, so I always made my own. I used to incubate my tub of yogurt all night on the radiant-floor heat in my apartment. In the morning we would wake up to a dish of yogurt thick as cream, and we'd scarf it down all week.

I got in the habit of doing that sort of food preparation there, and I simply exchanged the product I work with here. My recipes vary, but I always have bread.

Fancy challah.

More fancy challah (I was on a kick with this for a few weeks.
It made some astonishingly good French toast.

Basic whole wheat dough for grilled pizza in the
summer and pizza-stone oven pizza in the winter.
Long-rise, no knead bread in the Dutch oven. With this recipe.

 I also make a basic sandwich recipe using this recipe with half whole wheat, coconut oil or olive oil as the fat, and half the sugar. It always turns out really well. I've tried it with almond milk instead of cow's milk, but the texture isn't as rich.

I order a 25 lb. bag of organic flour from our food co-op for $18 and it lasts a few months. Compared to $7-a-loaf artisanal breads, I know I've saved a great deal on baking instead of buying (though I love to buy it now and then, too!)

Ironically, I've felt better lately when I have less bread and more protein. I can't give up the bread completely, though. It's Finley's favorite food, as well as our lunch staple, and it's so good. I guess I'll have to cut back on eating half a loaf in one sitting.

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