Sunday, December 22, 2013


So, as warm weather has fled and the fans have been put away, Finley has retired his fan obsession, and taken up a new one: lights!

Incandescent light bulbs, CFLs, fluorescents, Christmas lights, glow sticks, LEDs, neon lights, halogens, plasma bulbs -- he knows them all!
Finley's glow stick from the MSU homecoming parade.

Inspecting Christmas lights with some former students' son
at the MSU English Language Center end-of-semester party.

Finley LOVES Christmas lights!

Finley lighting up a burned-out CFL bulb using the plasma
bulb night light his Aunt Megan and Uncle Mike gave him.

Finley, comparing and contrasting the watt usage of an
incandescent light bulb versus an LED light bulb
at the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum

Trying to determine what kind of bulb it is.  He concluded it
was an incandescent bulb because he found a filament. 

So here's some nice pictures of him playing in the snow, right? on.
He spent about an hour, not making snowballs, but making
snow bulbs, carrying them into the garage and "shattering"
them on the floor.  But "It's OK, daddy.  I'll sweep it up."

I insisted on making a snow man before
agreeing to make him a big incandescent
light bulb!

We then transformed the incandescent
lightbulb into a CFL bulb.

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Marley said...

LOVE the picture of Finley's glow stick from the MSU homecoming parade! Always enjoy your blog. :) Wish we didn't live so far...